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Our Farms. Our Food. Our Future.

Our mission is to protect farm land and foster an ecosystem of sustainable farming. We are losing farm land at a rapid rate. Every year 100,000 acres of land is lost to urban and suburban development in North Carolina alone. Look around you. Look at all of the for sale signs for land in your travels. Now let's talk briefly about farmers. What is the biggest hurdle starting a farm or expanding a farm? Land, Land, and Land. We want to compete with developers for land, buy it, and lease it back to the farming community, just to cover the taxes. This will allow new entrepreneur farmers to have access to land to start and existing farms can build on their success and expand.

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We will be getting money into the dirt and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Carolina Farmers and get them what they need to succeed.

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Nationally, farmworkers’ average annual income is $11,000; for a family it is approximately $16,000. Farmworkers on the East Coast earn about 35% less than the national average

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By giving land access to new entreupruenor farmers and existing farmers to expand we are helping the supply reach the demand.

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We will look at each tract of land with the approach of sustainability and maximize the land value to its potential

It's just ridiculous that we, the ones that are feeding the whole world, are the ones that [live in such poor conditions]. Wayne County Farmworker, North Carolina





Our Mission

We want to first and foremost provide land access to the Carolina Farming community. We also want to help new farmers help getting started, who have a good plan. We want to work with local community banks and back farm loans or provide funding directly. Each tract of land we buy will have a focus of being sustainable from an energy and water standpoint. Not only will they be energy and water neutral but if we can give back to energy grids, even better. We will give access to all of our tracts to Academia so they can work with farmers on research best practices and new ways of farming. We also want to work with existing nonprofits and help existing farmers that need help. Whether it’s helping build a barn, getting a tractor fixed, or help with land infrastructure we want to be there to help. We as an organization want to stay lean and small to make sure the money we raise gets into the dirt and gives people the opportunity to create things with it.

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