• Cultivating Crops and Change
  • Raising Livestock and Awareness



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  • Growing Produce and Relationships

    Dedicated To Protecting the Farmland that Feeds Us


  • Building Farms and Opportinuty
  • Making Noise and a Difference

Our Mission

We want to first and foremost provide land access to the Carolina Farming community. We also want to help new farmers help getting started, who have a good plan. We want to work with local community banks and back farm loans or provide funding directly. Each tract of land we buy will have a focus of being sustainable from an energy and water standpoint. Not only will they be energy and water neutral but if we can give back to energy grids, even better. We will give access to all of our tracts to Academia so they can work with farmers on research best practices and new ways of farming. We also want to work with existing nonprofits and help existing farmers that need help. Whether it’s helping build a barn, getting a tractor fixed, or help with land infrastructure we want to be there to help. We as an organization want to stay lean and small to make sure the money we raise gets into the dirt and gives people the opportunity to create things with it.

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