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Charlotte Today: Carolina Jubilee


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Carolina Jubilee is a lot more than a music festival


"Tucked into the heart of the Carolinas at VanHoy Farms in Harmony, NC is this year’s Carolina Jubilee festival, September 29 and 30. The third annual festival is the project of the Carolina Farm Trust, an organization whose mission is to improve the environmental sustainability of farming communities of the Carolinas. There will be 18 bands over the two days, along with food, drinks, and various other activities all from right in the region."

By Lindsay Kosma
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Carolina Jubilee supports Carolina Farm Trust


"The Carolina Farm Trust helps farmers acquire equipment, lease or purchase land, protect farmland from development, and through creative marketing campaigns. As the state’s leading dairy producer, Iredell County is an ideal location for the Trust’s signature fundraiser, the Carolina Jubilee. The Jubilee will feature live local music, farm-fresh cuisine, local breweries and more. The event is set for Sept. 29-30 at VanHoy Farms in nearby Harmony. Zack Wyatt, Carolina Farm Trust and Jubilee founder, said that the organization was looking for an agricultural center that could bridge the divide between rural and urban life."

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The Farmer That Feeds Us

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Music for the ears, and food security for the neighbors
Raising awareness for Carolina Farm Trust initiative


"How much do Charlotteans think about food? Carolina Farm Trust is bringing a feast to Historic West End on July 8 to raise awareness and funds for food security. Party with a Purpose is a day party at Mosaic Village designed to engage the community regardless of budget. Local soul/funk band Groove 8 will perform, and local beer will be available from Three Spirits Brewery. Later that evening, the Wadsworth Estate serves as the backdrop for a feast benefiting Brewington Farms."

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West End Event Will Celebrate Farms And Fun


"Pack your lawn chair and head to the West End this Saturday for a day of fun and food that will help support local farmers. It’s a great opportunity to meet, greet, and eat while helping to improve food access in the city’s underserved areas.

While development is brisk on the west side of Charlotte, “food deserts” remain. Farmer Paul Brewington is one of the anchor vendors of the newly established Rosa Parks Farmers Market that serves the area. He’s a vocal proponent for the foods that are still hard to obtain for too many residents. “There is a quite a difference between the taste of fresh produce that is grown locally or a hundred-mile radius; a few hours old versus three to seven days old,” he says."

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2016 Carolina Jubilee WBTV spot

Campaign Aims to Keep Land for Local Farmers

"Every year, tens of thousands of acres of land in North Carolina are lost to development, according to the Carolina Farm Trust, an organization that works to protect farmland, while creating a sustainable ecosystem. Now they're relying on the public to help purchase land that will help conserve farmland and increase small business."

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A Fork's Tale Review on Carolina Jubilee 2015

"In our fast pace world, where convenience of the poorest quality foods are at our finger tips, we have developed into a society of overweight, disease ridden populous. We are becoming sick and tired. And we are becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired….  So what do we do? As individuals, this is a BIG question. We are mighty small in the BIG WORLD of politics and factory farming.

It all starts at the bottom of the hill, not the top. It is the little steps that lead to big steps. It is the crazy people that believe they can make a difference, that actually do… People like Zack Wyatt."

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CFT filling gaps in the local food movement through Carolina Jubilee Music Festival

Any given farmers market parking lot contains a familiar spattering of bumper stickers: “Buy Local.” “Support Your Local Farmer.” And for Mike Smith of Big Oak Farm in Cabarrus County, none of them are the answer.

“Demand has outpaced supply for at least 10 years now, ever since we started doing farmers markets,” he says. Smith, whose family has been farming on the same land for over 150 years, has the market to sustainably expand his operation, with locavores and farm-to-table restaurants clamoring for his pastured beef and pork.

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‘We Hope to Influence People By Our Actions’: How One North Carolinian Plans to Save Local Farmers in the Carolinas One Farm at a Time

"When Zack Wyatt was laid off from his government contracting job in December 2014, he was mad — mad at himself, mad at those in his life, mad at his circumstance. But it didn’t take too long before he said passion got the better of him."

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Carolina Jubilee is a music festival, a beer festival, a wine festival, a farming festival

"Here’s the idea: Hold a music festival, raise money to buy 40+ acres of farmland in Lincolnton and lease it to a farmer. Then, next year, raise more money, buy more land and support more regional farmers. And on … and on …

Will it work? Zack Wyatt thinks so. And he wants to prove it to you."

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Help support The Carolina Jubilee --
wbtv Part 1 Clip


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Fox Rox

The Business People play Good Day Charlotte


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Do you care about local sustainability? Introducing the Carolina Jubilee farm celebration

"This adventure started for me at the beginning of the year. I got laid off from my job, a new start-up breaking into the wonderful world of government contracting. As with most people who get laid off, time suddenly slows down, the blinders come off and the reevaluation of your life starts to begin.

I grew up in a farming community. I loved and hated it. We had a pretty large garden, butchered a few hogs, got our eggs from our own chickens. My dad hunted and we got beef from the neighbors’ cattle farms. This is not to say we didn’t go to the grocery store, but when we did, it was to supplement what we did at home. I have fond memories of how I grew up and the only part I truly didn’t like as a kid was the work but those memories fade and only the good ones remain."

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Protecting The Land That Feeds Us

"Are you savoring the farm to table movement? Love farmer’s markets? Think about this: While you are shopping and dining, North Carolina is losing more than 100,000 acres of farmland a year to development.

It is rare that reading an interview inspires me to schedule a meeting. Like you, I already have enough of those on my calendar. But when Zack Wyatt was interviewed on WBTV about his vision for Carolina Farm Trust on a Friday morning early in July, I couldn’t resist. And as it turns out he wanted to talk to me, too."

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Bounce #1 | Carolina Jubilee with Mike & Zack


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Working For Change

"Even though it seems like everyone’s lamenting pumpkin ale on the shelves and tweeting #StillSummer, fall is undeniably in the air. That means a lot of things: back-to-school and football1 and maybe even the urge to shift from the lazy days of me-centric beach time to a something a little more altruistic."

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Bounce #3 | Carolina Jubilee


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Cornelius resident hopes to cultivate network of farms, fans of good food

"By Dave Yochum. A 35-year-old Cornelius resident has established the Carolina Farm Trust to preserve not just farmland, but the agrarian way of life in North Carolina.

“We want to find farmers and match them up with land,” says Zack Wyatt, who lives with his wife  Abby and five children on Oakhurst Boulevard."

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Bounce #2 | Carolina Farm Trust


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Carolina Farm Trust plans to buy up land before developers do to preserve our local food movement

"I admit it; I buy produce at Trader Joe’s. Lots of it! I know it comes from Mexico and California and anywhere but here and the blueberries don’t even taste like blueberries, but I buy it because it’s there and it’s familiar and it’s cheap. And that’s precisely the consumer habit Zack Wyatt hopes to disrupt with Carolina Farm Trust, an early-stage organization aimed at protecting the farmland that feeds us here at home."

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