In light of the situation unfolding around COVID-19, it is our top priority to keep everyone safe and so have decided to move The Night at The Museum on March 26 to a safer and later date. We look forward to hosting this fun event in May or June. Please stay tuned for this exact date. We will announce this date as soon as the COVID-19 situation is better understood and under control. If needed we will look into July.
    In the meantime, we continue to fund-raise for the Carolina Farm Trust mission of supporting a local food system. In situations like COViD-19 it can become apparent how fragile our current food system is. When our food is trucked thousands of miles to our tables and this distribution system is disrupted due to catastrophic events, the effects are felt in every household. At CFT we consider this every day and work hard to move this mission forward to have a safer and sustainable food system for you and your family.
    Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you at The Night at The Museum in the near future!”