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The Mill Grove Farm Co-Op, an 11-acre site in Union County, is home to three producers. Nebedaye Farms, Serendipity Flowers, and Crown Town Compost form a supportive and comprehensive farm network of cultivation, pollination, and fertilization, demonstrating the compatibility of local food systems with the circular economy model of production – a model that minimizes waste, maximizes resources, and creates a closed-loop, regenerative cycle.

farm address location

9512 Mill Grove Rd. Indian Trail, NC 28079

Carolina Farm Trust has subleased the land to three organizations:

Nebedaye Farms, Serendipity Flowers, and Crown Town Compost. These organizations are joining on the new farm to collaborate for the greater good.

Founded and run by Bernard Singleton, grows moringa oleifera, also called Moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or ben oil tree. Moringa, a staple of Indian and southeast Asian cuisine, is a nutritional powerhouse. Bernard and his crew are experimenting with and growing other crops as well, including rice, indigo, blueberries, and pineapple. Bernard is passionate about the cultural significance and history of different crops and provides educational opportunities to teach people about their connection to the Earth.

Owned by Amanda and Eric They, brings fresh-cut flower happiness to Charlotte by providing a place where people can create the bouquet that they want, based on taste and budget. The Petal Cart pops up each week in different locations bringing fresh cut flowers to their clientele.

Provides residential pickup and commercial composting services to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. By turning food waste into nutrient-rich soil, Crown Town Compost closes the loop on food waste in the Charlotte area.

These organizations will work together on the farm to model a “circular economy”. If you aren’t sure what that means, check out the video below.

To model the circular economy concept, Nebedaye and Serendipity will grow produce and flowers on the land with the help of Crown Town, who collects food waste from Mecklenburg County residents and converts it into compost. This means that Charlotte’s waste will be recycled back into the soil to help grow food and flowers that will be available to the community. Thus, a cycle of food is born!

The farm will grow flowers, berries, vegetables, Moringa (a superfood), and more! There will be a farm stand on site where the community can shop farm products, and the farm will provide U-Pick opportunities for Serendipity’s flowers. The Fairview farm is chock-full of diversity, especially in race and gender, and likewise, all members of our community are welcomed here.

“We are creating this farm to strengthen our community–to create a cycle in which people in our area can both give to and receive from the farm.”

-Zack Wyatt, founder of Carolina Farm Trust

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