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MECA Realty is now Carver Pressley, REALTORS®


MECA Realty has long been identified with property management in Charlotte, NC. In an effort to create more clear separation between MECA’s property management and residential sales operations, the sales division became a separate company in July 2019 with a new brand identity – Carver Pressley, REALTORS®.

Urban farms can only be successful when the entire community gets behind them. Right now other big urban cities have already invested in urban farms. Austin, Detroit, Denver, and others have taken advantage of available land within their cities to make fresh food accessible to more citizens. We are at a major crossroads in Charlotte. Together we can grow these urban farms to ensure that all citizen have access to healthy, fresh food.

We are excited to announce that MECA Realty has partnered with Carolina Farm Trust to kick start our Urban Farm Initiative.

Urban Farm Aims To Provide
Economical Boost For East Charlotte

“…WBTV has learned it is about to see better days again. “Well, my big, big vision is this is the first step of really building a food system that feeds Charlotte,” Zack Wyatt, who is the executive director of the Carolina Farm Trust, said.

Carolina Farm Trust works to preserve and promote farmland.

The organization is partnering with Aldersgate, the east Charlotte retirement community, and together they are building an urban farm in the Windsor Park neighborhood of east Charlotte.

“So an urban farm is very different than a community garden. That’s what many people think it is. An urban farm has to be an actual working farm with a farm manager, Erin Barber, of Aldersgate, said.”

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Who We Are

Farming equates to food on our tables. We all need that food to thrive. But farming is hard work, and can be both risky and costly to farmers. We are here to help our farmers overcome their challenges, and bring bountiful, beautiful food to our plates.

The Carolina Farm Trust originated out of an idea to take all the energy and money being poured into food and farming education, awareness, policy, lobbying, and litigation, and make an effort to start funneling these efforts down to small, community farmers in a more direct manner.

Throughout the Carolinas, Carolina Farm Trust offers help to farmers with purchasing equipment, leasing or purchasing land, and in reaching customers through creative marketing campaigns.

It is our mission to directly impact local farmers and, in return, directly impact the food on your table. Join us in fulfilling our mission by donating today.

Ready To Become A Volunteer?

It is our mission to directly impact local farmers
and, in return, directly impact the food on your table.
Join us in fulfilling our mission by volunteering today.