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Sponsorship Manager



The Sponsorship Manager will manage outreach and relationships with all major funding/sponsorship partners in support of the Carolina Farm Trust and its aims. The Sponsorship manager will work directly with the founder and Board Chair of the Carolina Farm Trust.

The Sponsorship Manager will also manage a team of “Local Partnership and Asset Coordinators” based across the region, who will assist the Sponsorship Manager with securing partners in their base cities. This management will include hiring and training.

This position is ongoing, has flexible hours based on your schedule, and is ideally based in Charlotte, NC but with flexibility as to location.

Applicants should have some experience in sponsorship/development, ideally in corporate or non-profit environments. This position is volunteer for now, but has the opportunity to become a paid position pending the growth of our organization.

  • Reports directly to President/CEO
  • Manages outreach and relationships with all major funding/sponsorship partners in coordination with the President/CEO
  • Manage time and direction for team of Local Partnership and Asset Coordinators, including hiring and training

Local Partnership and Asset Coordinator



For the following locations: CharlotteStatesvilleGreensboroAshevilleDurhamRaleighRock Hill, Greenville

The Carolina Farm Trust aims to support farmers and ensure food security in the Carolinas. We are a non-profit committed to protecting our local communities, agriculture, and economies. Join our mission by volunteering to drive awareness of our projects within your city, and be our touch-point for any local activity in your hometown.

This exciting role is open to anyone looking for a closer connection to their regional food system, and who is interested in networking and supporting local event production.


  • Reports to Sponsorship Manager
  • Identify and pursue local sponsorship opportunities for the Carolina Farm Trust and all subsidiaries, at the direction of the Sponsorship Manager
  • Manage and/or consult (as needed/on request) regarding onsite logistics for any local execution of Carolina Farm Trust assets/properties:
  • The Farmer that Feeds Us screenings
  • Carolina Farm Trust dinners
  • Annual Carolina Jubilee music festival

Activations/Communications and PR Manager



  • Reports directly to President/CEO
  • Draft press releases for major launches within the organization
  • Manage dissemination of press releases to relevant regional media
  • Consult with President/CEO regarding content development/dissemination decisions

Treasurer/ Finance Manager



  • Reports directly to President/CEO
  • Manage books/accounting for the Carolina Farm Trust and all subsidiaries
  • Track execution of projects using grant, government, and donated funding
  • Track execution of projects using funding from private sponsors and corporations

Grant Application Manager


  • Reports directly to President/CEO
  • Identify potential grant opportunities and present to President/CEO regularly
  • Consult with President/CEO regarding approach to grant applications
  • Manage all grant proposals and applications, including regular reporting to the Carolina Farm Trust regarding which grants were applied to, which were accepted, which were denied, and how awarded grant funds will be used (will not be responsible for executing projects with grant funding)

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