become a partner

What would it feel like to…

  • help rebuild a regional food system right in your own backyard?
  • make a real difference in the lives of so many across the Carolinas who don’t have access to fresh, nutritious food?
  • help create equitable economic opportunity in agriculture & supporting sectors which leads to upward mobility?
  • reduce the environmental impact of the food we eat which helps to mitigate climate change & improve ecosystem health?
  • truly shift the power of food systems toward consumers & local growers which will empower your local communities?

You can be a part of this movement! Here at Carolina Farm Trust, we work closely with our partners to strengthen the local food system of the Carolinas. Our partners span the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and can participate in a range of opportunities, including:

  1. Sponsoring events and activities
  2. Co-hosting events and activities
  3. Volunteering at the urban farms
  4. Participating in events at the farms
  5. Promoting awareness of the benefits of eating local

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