become a partner

You can be a part of this movement!

Here at Carolina Farm Trust, we work closely with our partners to strengthen the local food system of the Carolinas. Our partners span the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and can participate in a range of opportunities, including:

  • Sponsoring events and activities

  • Co-hosting events and activities
  • Volunteering at the urban farms

  • Participating in events

  • Promoting wellness to the community

Impacting communities and beyond

At CFT, we recognize the magnitude of our mission, but we also acknowledge the urgency to take action now for the betterment of younger generations. We understand that achieving this goal requires collective effort, and that’s why we seek your support in implementing our four pillars. Our aim is not merely to address the problem, but to solve it. Together, with your invaluable contribution, We can make this vision a reality.

Urban Farm Network

  • Connection for informed decision making
  • Preserves agricultural spaces amid urban expansion

  • Ensures sustainability and biodiversity

  • Enables local sustainablility
  • Fosters feeling of contribution
  • Raises the community’s values for well being

CFT market Distribution

  • Year round source of fresh, affordable nutrient dense foods & value added products
  • Reliable marketplace for farmers & agripreneurs to sell their products
  • A place to work with farmers to begin regenerative practices giving corporations more opportunity to reach their ESG and carbon neutral goals
  • Educational, employment and entrepreneurial oppurtunitites

Farm Apprenticeship

  • Expand agricultural tracts to create more opportunities for aspiring farmers

  • Foster connections between rural and urban communities for mutual understanding and collaborations

  • Provide essential resource and assistance to support young farmers
  • Integrate culinary tracts into schools to prepare future generations for careers in agriculture

Food as Health

  • Emphasize the importance of nutrition in preventing illness and enhancing well being
  • Enable access to healthy food choices, empowering individuals to make nourishing decisions
  • Foster physical and mental health initiatives in self insured corporations, benefiting employee performance
  • Utilize community health care workers to deliver vital health services and food resources

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