our food system is at a breaking point

our current food access

In North Carolina, too many families lack access to food. Furthermore, the food that is accessible often lacks significant nutritional benefits.

We at Carolina Farm Trust firmly believe that our current food system is at a breaking point and is no longer reliable. We also believe that food is a human right. Accessing healthy food should not depend on race, sexual orientation, country of origin, or socioeconomic status.

Food access is a state, region, and community issue that affects us all, and it is going to take intentional, collaborative work to make sure that everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food. Together, we need to make our food local again.

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Do you know where your food comes from?

Did you know?

On average, food is trucked over 1,000 miles before arriving in your grocery store. By the time you eat it, your food can lose up to 50% of its nutritional value.

Is getting real food that hard?

Did you know?

About 15% of the population in Mecklenburg County alone struggle to put food on their table. And even more cannot afford nutritious food, opting instead for cheaper and unhealthy packaged foods.

Are you ready for higher grocery bills?

Did you know?

Electricity and diesel costs, as well as many other costs associated with food production, transport, and retail sales, are expected to rise, placing upward pressure on grocery prices.

What's the future of your food?

Did you know?

Increased population and urbanization is pushing local farmers out, yet the demand for farm output is expected to grow by 70% over the next three decades. That means fewer options for consumers to buy healthier, locally-grown food.

Why ask these questions?

Carolina Farm Trust has thought about these questions too and that’s why we support and build regional farms and the consumption of local food. With your help, Carolina Farm Trust can create a system from production to consumption that will make us all feel good about our food choices. Local farms grow healthy communities, not just healthy food.

are we going to

wait or act now?

Too much is on the line to wait for someone else to fix our food systems. At Carolina Farm Trust, we envision thriving farms, healthy people, and communities intimately connected to their food. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

What do we need to do this transformative work? Well, that would be you! You are the key in helping us succeed. The power lies in our communities.

Are you willing to help us create change, right now?

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