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Arable land is disappearing quickly. Today, the Charlotte Metro alone has lost 100,000 acres of farmland to development. If the remaining 2,000+ acres of farmland available in the Charlotte 16-county region are put into production, we can feed thousands of families with nutritious, locally-grown foods.

lets help

these challenges

Throughout the Carolinas, Carolina Farm Trust helps farmers overcome challenges in order to bring bountiful, beautiful food to our plates. This work is critical in our region, where 13% of the population is food insecure and between 7-10% of adults consume the daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables.

13% of the population

is food insecure

Between 7-10% of adults

consume the daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables

support landowners

Carolina Farm Trust builds relationships with landowners in the region and identifies farmable land that can be absorbed into our farm trust. We then identify local agricultural businesses that can lease the land, or activate new farms on the land by raising capital and operational funding and support.

Are you a landowner who is interested in conserving your land for farming? Contact

impact local farmers


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Below are some ways you can help Carolina Farm Trust.
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•  Invite us to come speak to your organization or your community
•  Host a screening of The Farmer That Feeds Us
•  Volunteer with us
•  Becoming a Corporate Sponsor
•  Become an Impact Investor

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