Carolina Farm Trust manages a network of urban farms in the Charlotte Metro
with the goal of making the area a global leader in sustainability by feeding the region with food from local farms.

We have purchased land for and are activating three catalyst farms.
Each farm is currently in a different stage of activation or development.

Our Current Farm Network

Urban farm at Aldersgate

The Urban Farm at Aldersgate is a collaboration of Carolina Farm Trust and Aldersgate Retirement Community. It is a 6.7 acre farm that will grow culturally relevant produce year-round. It is not in production yet, but will feature traditional farming beds, an aquaponics system, mobile kitchen, beehives, and a hoop garden.

Mill Grove Farm Co-Op

The Mill Grove Farm Co-Op, an 11-acre site in Union County, is home to three producers. Nebedaye Farms, Serendipity Flowers, and Crown Town Compost form a supportive and comprehensive farm network of cultivation, pollination, and fertilization, demonstrating the compatibility of local food systems with the circular economy model of production.

Free Spirit Farm

The Free Spirit Farm, located in Huntersville, is 27.9 acres with 17 acres of productive land. As the newest addition to the Carolina Farm Trust family, the land has not yet been cleared, and Carolina Farm Trust is building relationships with stakeholders in Huntersville.



Help us build the Urban Farm at Aldersgate to use as proof of a successful urban farm in Charlotte. When people see that it works, more urban farms will arise. By supporting it, you are helping us support existing urban farms, such as Seeds of Change on West BLVD, Johnson C Smith’s Sustainability Village, and the Urban Farm at Garringer High School.

Our main goal is to make sure you and your family have a food system that you can trust and rely on. Let’s pull in our food supply chain from thousands of miles away and back to our region. Let’s make Charlotte first a state leader, then a national leader, and ultimately a global leader in building a food system that positively impacts our growing health epidemic as well as climate change. Let’s build a food system that creates the ingredients of upward mobility.



Below are some ways you can help Carolina Farm Trust. Please fill out the form below to take action in one or more of these ways!

•  Invite us to come speak to your organization or your community
•  Host a screening of The Farmer That Feeds Us
•  Volunteer with us
•  Becoming a Corporate Sponsor
•  Become an Impact Investor

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