Our farms need your help if we’re going to continue to make a change! Carolina Farm Trust is challenging our community to raise $1 million dollars in order to generate actionable change in our food production system. $1 million sounds like a large number for one company, and it is, but your support and that of our 1,115, 482 Mecklenberg County residents is how we’re going to get this done.

The food system we’re so reliant on now is alienating huge demographics of our city, creating food deserts and making it incredibly difficult for families to buy affordable, quality fresh foods. We’ve noticed this downward trend in our city and the entire system needs a change. Too much is on the line to wait for someone else to fix our food systems. At Carolina Farm Trust, we envision thriving farms, healthy people, and communities intimately connected to their food. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

What do we need for this transformative work? Well, that would be you! You are the key to helping us succeed. The power lies in our communities.

Are you willing to help us create change, right now?



URBAN FARM NETWORK – Carolina Farm Trust manages a network of urban farms in the Charlotte Metro with the goal of making the area a global leader in sustainability by feeding the region with food from local farms. Urban farms will connect communities experiencing food apartheid to affordable, accessible sources of local, sustainably- grown produce. The urban farms will be training grounds to support the next generation of farmers, foster agripreneurship, and strengthen a sense of community.

FARM APPRENTICE PROGRAM – In 2021, CFT launched a farm apprentice program during which apprentices will learn to manage and operate a small agricultural operation – including crop planning, planting and harvesting, inventory management, retail sales, marketing & communications, and community engagement.

CFT MARKET & DISTRIBUTION CENTER – The comprehensive Local Foods Distribution & Production Center plan streamlines local food supply chains through retail, wholesale, butchery, and value-added products. This project endeavors to build a circular economic model, yielding health, economic, and environmental benefits.




CFT Market Concept