Homes & Gardens featured our Urban Director of Agriculture, Mariah Henry, as an expert source on watering a vegetable garden.

Mariah Henry, director of Urban Agriculture at Carolina Farm Trust, claims ‘5am-7am is best’ and recommends avoiding the afternoon during the hotter months ‘to increase water retention’.

She says: ‘When it’s warmer outside the water can evaporate and reduce the plants’ ability to absorb water.’ It would be a garden watering mistake to head out with the hose or switch the sprinklers on in the middle of the day as plants won’t gain as much at the hottest times.

‘If you miss a morning watering, don’t fret. Pick back up in the early evening,’ says Mariah Henry. However, one added risk of watering later in the day is that wet foliage cannot dry off and sits wet overnight. This is primarily a cause for concern if you water your vegetable garden with a sprinkler or garden hose.”

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