3 May, 2018

Aldersgate and Carolina Farm Trust Sow Seeds For Eastside Charlotte Residents

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Urban Farm – a concept that will be celebrated at a June 7 dinner – is designed to nourish, educate and inspire a whole community

Charlotte, N.C., (May 3, 2018)Aldersgate and Carolina Farm Trust are collaborating on a major agricultural and cultural initiative that will continue the Aldersgate-led transformation of Charlotte’s east side. The nonprofit, 6.7-acre Urban Farm at Aldersgate will serve as a food source – and learning lab – for the eastside community and beyond. Both EBT and SNAP will be accepted, ensuring the working (and year-round) farm is truly a resource for all. Plans call for the first seeds to be planted this spring and for the farm to be operational by fall.

Aldersgate’s mission goes beyond serving the elders who call the 231-acre campus home. It includes engaging the community’s neighbors.

“Part of our mission at Aldersgate is taking care of our neighbors,” said Erin Barbee, Aldersgate’s director of mission advancement. “Access is to fresh, healthy food should be a given for everyone in our community. But in some parts of the east side, people are living in a food desert. That’s not acceptable to us. Eating fresh, local food should not be a privilege that comes with social standing. It’s a human right that has measurable health and economic benefits.”

To introduce the concept, Carolina Farm Trust will host “A Night at the Museum” on Thursday, June 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. The “movable feast” features a menu inspired by exhibits at the Charlotte Museum of History, the site of the dinner. Chefs from Heirloom, The Yolk, Project 658, Yafo, 5 Church and Fern will each create one course. Locally sourced libations come from Dover Vineyard, Shelton Vineyard and Resident Culture craft beer. […]

3 May, 2018

Urban Farm Aims To Provide Economical Boost For East Charlotte

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A nearly seven acre tract in east Charlotte has seen better days. The buildings have become dilapidated. The tennis courts overrun with weeds.

But WBTV has learned it is about to see better days again. “Well, my big, big vision is this is the first step of really building a food system that feeds Charlotte,” Zack Wyatt, who is the executive director of the Carolina Farm Trust, said.

Carolina Farm Trust works to preserve and promote farmland.

The organization is partnering with Aldersgate, the east Charlotte retirement community, and together they are building an urban farm in the Windsor Park neighborhood of east Charlotte.

“So an urban farm is very different than a community garden. That’s what many people think it is. An urban farm has to be an actual working farm with a farm manager, Erin Barber, of Aldersgate, said.

Barber came up with the urban farm idea after seeing how successful they were elsewhere.

“I’m from Charlotte and I didn’t know east Charlotte was in a food dessert,” Barber said. “People didn’t have access to produce. They didn’t have access to grocery stores easily and I thought can Aldersgate be someone that can resolve that for us. And an urban farm solves that.”

The farm will be in the Windsor Park community, adjacent to Aldersgate’s 231-acre campus.

There will be no livestock. Initially, the farm will grow basic crops to be sold locally. If all goes as planned, crops at the Urban Farm at Aldersgate will start coming in this fall.

Aldersgate […]

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