Developing your personal giving story

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Corey Easterday had always been involved in the nonprofit world but when he moved to the Queen City, he ached to connect with the social good community and later found that his support for Carolina Farm Trust was more than a one-time donation.

Photo Credits: Corey Easterday

Corey Easterday did not always grow up having everything at his disposal. In fact, his reality was the opposite. Born and raised in northeast Ohio, he wouldn’t describe himself as growing up poor, but it did not take away from the fact that his family faced financial hardships throughout his life. 

“My family grew up in a poverty situation for a lot of my formative years, and it was very situational. It came from circumstances where my family was experiencing some struggles, especially since my mom, at one point, was a single parent raising me and my sister.”

And thus, his interest and love for the work of nonprofits steamed and grew when he came across many local community organizations in college that were helping out families similar to his. One, in particular, caught his attention: Current Initiatives. Current Initiatives is an organization based in Florida where one of their main initiatives is called The Laundry Project and one that resonated personally with Corey. The Laundry Project is a laundry day where Current Initiatives provides all the quarters and soap needed so that families could come and do their laundry.

“One of the best ways to help people is to find something very tangible and practical and meet that need,” said Corey, as he reminisced […]